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Fort Myers, Florida



With this event we want to create a stage for local artists of any age to show their talent to the community, build new connections and a place for our community to support our artists.  


If you want to participate, the rules are simple:
Rule #1: The battle will start at 5:00pm and go to 08:00pm. 3 hours to  complete your painting. No excuses.
Rule #2: Artist must bring own supplies: drop cloth, paint, easel, anything you need to create your art, a tent if you want.
Rule #3: Canvas can be any size, this canvas can be primed one color but must remain completely blank before starting the battle.
Rule #4: No printed materials allowed. The painting must be done with paint only.  (Stencils, pencils, paint pens etc. are allowed.)
Rule #5 NO splatter on the floor.
Rule #6: No loud music.
Rule #7: It is each artist' full responsibility to keep their space clean, if you make a mess, you have to clean right away. This can lead to disqualification
Rule #8: Talk as much as you can about it, invite artists friends to participate in future ones, invite your friends to support you. 
Rule #9: Nothing is left behind after the battle. You take with you everything you brought with you.
Rule #10: You have to have fun!

The Battle of the Arts takes place every 2nd Saturday of the month at our Artsemble Underground Gallery at BellTower Shops and the grounds of the plaza from 5 pm. to 8:30pm. But don't mistake the name, it is not a battle, it is an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents to big audience and network, also a great place for the community to meet talented artists. But also a great time to support local non-profits and their efforts in our own city. So if you either want to paint, meet new artists, buy art, support our community, just have a good time or all of the above, Battle of the Arts is the place to be. 

There will be 2 winners each month, 1 selected by a panel of 3 local celebrities selected by Artsemble Underground founders, and 1 selected by peoples choice. Visitors can purchase tickets to vote for their favorite artists, the proceeds of the tickets sales will go to the non-profit selected for each month. These winners will receive a bag of goodies by BellTower Shops. 


The winners of each month will participate in the finals in December for the grand prize, a solo show at Artsemble Underground Gallery or at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center among other prizes and the Battle of the Arts Trophy 


*You have to apply to participate in the Artsemble' Battle of the Arts, please fill the form below. 


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Thank you to our Gallery Sponsors!

For Sponsorship Opportunities please email us at

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